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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Disturbing Restaurant Themes that boast the Unhealthy

Wow I just saw an tweet about a law suit between the "Heart Attack Grill" and the "Heart Stopper's Sports Grill!" The "Heart Attack Grill" is accusing the "Heart Stopper's Sports Grill" of stealing their idea about having a Unhealthy heart diet theme and name.

Both of these restaurants boast about the health problems that their food can cause. They provide free meals to anyone weighing over 350 pounds!

The "Heart Stopper's Sport's Grill" even goes so far as to have the inside set up as a hospital. Their seats are designed as wheelchairs and they use defibrilators and dialysis machines to decorate.

How are these companies still in business. It amazes me that people actually go to restaurants like this to eat. They are mocking heart disease, which most of us have lost loved ones too.

Monday, May 31, 2010

The Vintage Remedies Guide To Real Food Review

Vintage Remedies Guide to Real Food

The Vintage Remedies Guide to Real Food written by Jessie Hawkins introduces readers to easy ways to make their diets healthier and more nutritious. Jessie Hawkins shows us how to decrease our intake of processed foods while increasing our intake of real foods without turning our lives upside down!

The Vintage Remedies Guide to Real Food provides insights to the modern diet that many people do not consider. Including the effects of processed food on our bodies, how to recognize processed ingredients from real food ingredients, the benefits of replacing processed foods with real foods, and more.

I am one of those people who jump into things whole-heartedly and then realize that it is just too much all at one time. Sadly this usually results in a complete 180 and I am back to all of my old habits. I can definitely see this outcome occurring if I were to attempt to change my diet to real foods overnight. After all, the processed foods were the foods I grew up on.

Thankfully, Jessie Hawkins tackles this very problem. While explaining why changing to real foods is important for our health she also acknowledges that making a drastic change may be to much for most people. The Vintage Guide to Real Food provides small simple changes to take and encourages people to take their time and set there own goals for change.

The Vintage Remedies Guide to Real Food is definitely a book that I would recommend to anyone that would like to change their diet or just learn more about the foods they are eating. I have learned so much while reading The Vintage Remedies Guide to Real Food and can not wait to implement all of the ideas!

Buy your own copy of The Vintage Remedies Guide to Real Food today for $18.95!

This is a Mama Buzz review. The product was provided by: Jessie Hawkin's for this review.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Yo Yo Mini Lip Gloss Winners!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Likes

I just joined My Likes where you share campaigns that you like with your twitter friends and get paid for clicks! Sign up today for your chance to find interesting sites for yourself in the process!

Food Inc movie Review

I had an opportunity to watch Food Inc at a friend's house today and felt compelled to share it with all of you. I have recently decided that it was time to change my dietary habits and after watching this movie I know without a doubt that this is the right choice.

Food Inc. is an effort to show consumers just how are food is handled prior to the clean, nice packaging that is displayed at grocery stores. Food Inc shows footage from livestock living areas and slaughter houses. While these images are disturbing I think that it is something everyone should know about.

I thought that these foods were safe and sanitary especially if they had the USDA seal of approval. Now it seems that my beliefs in the system may have been wrong. Thankfully I now have the information I need to make safe choices for my family.

I hope that you will take the time to watch Food Inc. and make your own educated decisions on your food sources.

I received no compensation for this review. I watched this movie at a friend's home and felt it should be shared with others.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maggie's Pureland Review and Giveaway!

I have seen soapnuts around the blogosphere and they have always piqued my interest. So when Maggie's pureland contacted me with a review opportunity I just couldn't pass it up!

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review both the soapnuts and the Lavender Tea Tree liquid soap.

The soapnuts were super easy to use. I just placed 4 of the soapnuts in the included bag and tossed them in with my laundry. The first load had some slightly mildewed clothing mixed in. I had some reservations on using the soapnuts on these, but figured it would be a great way to put it to the test. I am glad I did since the clothes smelled fresh and clean after the first wash. When drying this same load of clothes I forgot to add the dryer sheet. Interestingly the clothes were static free. This never happens to me no dryer sheet usually mean extreme static!

A few interesting facts about soapnuts . . .
"Maggie’s Soap Nuts are actually a dried fruit related to the lychee. People with nut allergies can safely use Soap Nuts! "
"Yes! Maggie's Soap Nuts are low-sudsing and are ideal for high-efficiency washers. "
"Yes! The saponin in Maggie’s Soap Nuts releases quickly into hot water,and more slowly in cold water"

I would definitely recommend soapnuts to others. There are so many pros and I can not think of any cons at all!

The lavender Tea Tree liquid soap worked great too! My clothes smelled fresh and clean and I loved the scent of the Lavender Tea Tree liquid soap! So relaxing and refreshing a great reason for getting the clothes in the wash! I only had to use an ounce of the liquid soap to do a whole load of clothes! A little bit of the Lavender Tea Tree liquid Soap went a long way and left me with clean clothes!

A few interesting facts about the Lavender Tea Tree liquid soap . . .
"No toxic by-products or wastes."
"No man-made chemicals left in the environment or on your clothes and body"
"The fragrance disappears during washing leaving only the wonderful soap nut clean smell"

Now is a great time to purchase from Maggie's Pureland! Just use the code SUMMERPLEASE through May 26th to receive a 30% discount on any Maggie's Pureland products!

Giveaway: Thanks to Maggie's Pureland 3 lucky readers will receive a sample of Maggie's Pureland Soapnuts or Lavender Tea Tree Liquid soap (your choice)

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Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by Maggie's Pureland. I received Soapnuts and Lavender Tea Tree Liquid Soap for review purposes. No other compensation was received this review is based solely on my opinion of Maggie's Pureland products!