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Saturday, January 31, 2009

My little one is all ready to play peek-a-boo. Her favorite game to date. Just wanted to post a pic of my little one so everyone knows who I'm talking about because I'm sure she will be the focus of many of my posts!

Kids say the funniest things

Some things that kids say are just so cute you don't know how to reply. Occasionally I will post different comments made by children or adults that stick in my mind. I hope that you will enjoy these posts.

I had the following conversation with a 10 year old girl
Me: Have you lived in the United States your whole life?
10 year old: "No"
Me: "How long have you lived in the United States"
10 year old: "About 3 years"
10 year old: "I speak really good English. Don't I?"
Me: "Yes, where are you from"
10 year old: "Alabama"

I thought this was the cutest thing and still get a kick out of it. I was speechless at first, but after that we discussed the United States and the states included.

Friday, January 30, 2009

I won and you could too.

I just recieved my apple macbook air that I won from an accuvue sweeps listed on Sweepstakestoday.com. So anyone who is wondering you can actually win one of those sweepstakes! After I received the notification and sent the affidavit back it took about two and a half months to receive the laptop. Many of my friends and family thought the sweeps was a scam and by the end they had me worrying too. But on January 28th it arrived on my doorstep.
This was an awesome win for many reasons the least being it was an apple macbook air. I also received the notification the day before my birthday(how likely is that to happen). My computer had just crashed two weeks earlier and I had decided that this time I wanted a laptop vs a desktop.  I was planning on spending quite a bit of money on one, but had not gotten around to getting it yet. I found the notification email right as I was getting ready to leave work. I'm sure I was a sight running through working yelling I won a laptop. Sometimes life does throw you a bone when you really need it. 

Now that I have a computer and the internet at home I am hoping to start posting on this blog regularly. I'm not exactly sure what my posts will entail but I hope that you will come back to see. I would like to post on life with my daughter as a single mom, losing weight, and more just have to give it some thought. Please comment with any ideas that come to mind. Thanks so much for your time.