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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Show Off your blog Saturday #9

First I would like to thank everyone who participated last week. I have hadthe opportunity to check out a lot of really great posts that I would have otherwise missed. I hope to see you all again this week. I would also like to welcome all new participants. I hope you enjoy checking out each others favorite posts I know I will.

We all love getting visitors to our blog. I try my best to keep up with all of the blogs I follow, but I know I miss some of the really great posts. I also love finding new blogs when I have the time. So I decided to post a linky where everyone can show off their favorite posts of the week! I hope to be visiting lots of blogs every week! I can't wait to check them out!

If you leave your favorite post I promise to check it out and leave some comment luv! Don't forget to check out your fellow bloggers favorite posts while your at it. Please link to your favorite post and not just the blog itself.

***Anyone with children 3 to 8 years old may also be interested in my current Jumpstart Giveaway. It is a great educational program. Enter by May 18th***


Night Owl Mama said...

My link is to my most recent post. I have both a 3 yr old and a 8 yr old i'll have to check out your giveaway

Shan G said...

I posted two links (I hope you don't mind). The first is my most recent post and the second is one of my favorites.

Thank you for doing this. :)

BTW, what is the problem with your layout? I just won Subjective Beauty's contest for a free makeover and am wondering if there are issues with her templates.

Anonymous said...

Just left a mr. linky :)

Just figured you'd get a laugh out of my students' insane answers!

Laura @my 3 ring circus of a life :)