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Monday, May 3, 2010

Emails from the future!

I am so tired of receiving emails that are dated for the future. I actually got one today that was dated 10/11/37 today talking about tax credits! Like I really want to think about 2037.

Yeah I get that these people are just trying to get up top on the email and stay there, but here are the problems with this method of advertising . . .
1. If you can't get the date right why would I think you can get your product right!
2. You are wasting my time and making it difficult to find the emails I am looking for.
3. Your being caught by the spam police and ending up in my spam folder (Thankfully!)
4. You are not confident enough in your own product or advertising skills to even make me interested.
5. Once I see the date I delete the email.

Who knows some of these emails may have grabbed my attention enough for me to click through if they had been sent with a little class.

Do people really get pulled in by these emails or does everyone just delete them?

What do you do?


weareit said...

I NEVER get pulled in by these sorts of emails. I always check my inbox for senders i dont know or look suspicious before i start clicking through and reading the emails. BTW I never get emails dated for the future... that's weird Lol!