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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Disturbing Restaurant Themes that boast the Unhealthy

Wow I just saw an tweet about a law suit between the "Heart Attack Grill" and the "Heart Stopper's Sports Grill!" The "Heart Attack Grill" is accusing the "Heart Stopper's Sports Grill" of stealing their idea about having a Unhealthy heart diet theme and name.

Both of these restaurants boast about the health problems that their food can cause. They provide free meals to anyone weighing over 350 pounds!

The "Heart Stopper's Sport's Grill" even goes so far as to have the inside set up as a hospital. Their seats are designed as wheelchairs and they use defibrilators and dialysis machines to decorate.

How are these companies still in business. It amazes me that people actually go to restaurants like this to eat. They are mocking heart disease, which most of us have lost loved ones too.


katy said...

I have never heard of these before. I can't imagine wheelchair seating. That is very offensive to handicapped people.

weareit said...
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