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Friday, July 25, 2008

Brea has no fear, except . . .

I've heard so many stories of what my 10 month old will probably be scared of. So far she loves the beach and even laughed when she got hit by the waves, she looks at the lawn mower inquisitively but with no fear, and didn't flinch for the fireworks. Now here is the punch line for all the things she is not scared of the vacuum terrifies her. I don't mean that she doesn't like it or shys away from it I mean it TERRIFIES her. She will stand in her playpen shaking from head to toe and scream the whole time it is on. Makes it a little difficult to clean at times. Although its a good excuse not to vacuum on those lazy days. LOL.
Please leave me a comment and tell me an interesting fact about your little one.


Munchkins and Music said...

My kids don't like the vacume either. Something interesting about my kids...they love to play peek-a-boo with eachother. They laugh so hard at eachother. It is funny to watch!

Amy said...

My youngest just turned 1 in July and he too has no fear - seriously of anything!

He'll chase the vaccum around, he'll climb as high as he can on anything and fireworks - he didn't even pay attention to them!