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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kids say the funniest things

Some things that kids say are just so cute you don't know how to reply. Occasionally I will post different comments made by children or adults that stick in my mind. I hope that you will enjoy these posts.

I had the following conversation with a 10 year old girl
Me: Have you lived in the United States your whole life?
10 year old: "No"
Me: "How long have you lived in the United States"
10 year old: "About 3 years"
10 year old: "I speak really good English. Don't I?"
Me: "Yes, where are you from"
10 year old: "Alabama"

I thought this was the cutest thing and still get a kick out of it. I was speechless at first, but after that we discussed the United States and the states included.