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Sunday, May 24, 2009

All I want to do, All I want to do is SLEEP!

Wow it has been a busy week! Between work and fun I just can't seem to get any sleep.

Thursday I had to work 13 hours.

Friday I took the munchkin to Chuck-E-Cheese. We left the house at 9:30 in the morning and got home at 9:30 that night. I also found out that my step-dad's daughter was born.

Saturday it was back to work. The original plan was go to work and then go home and be LAZY. Instead we went to visit the new baby of course! So I got up for work at 5:30in the morning and we got home from the hospital at 8:00pm.

Now it is Sunday and once again it is 13 hours at work. So tonight when I get home I am going to sleep. Too bad I have to work tomorrow too.

I am off on Tuesday all I have to do is make it until then. We will stay at home. I will nap with Brea. At least I really, really hope so!

So if I haven't been around very much I hope you understand. I am really working on getting back on track now!


Anonymous said...

I hope you can catch up on sleep. Found you through the Blog Link-A-Thon and love what I see here!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

You can do it!! Hope you get the rest you need on Tuesday! :)

A Psych Mommy said...

You have to work 13 hours? I hope you get a long night of sleep soon!

Cascia Talbert said...

Sounds like you are working hard. I hope you get your much needed rest today!

Lucy postpartumillness.com said...

Hello from the link a thon. I think we all have those weeks that are just plain blah. Today I cant seem to get up and get anything done and we have my sons first birthday on Sunday. I hope that you get the rest you need.