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Friday, April 2, 2010

Gaining weight and I want to stop!

When I was in high school I never weighed over 110 pounds. I was always on the go and walked constantly. I can guarantee you that I walked 5-6 miles a day just to get where I wanted to go. I was so busy that I used to forget to eat (Not exactly healthy, I know). My friends and family always made comments on how I was too skinny and needed to gain some weight.

Well when I was seventeen I decided that if everyone said it than it must be true so I began to concentrate n gaining some weight. Yeah I know what teenager wants to gain weight, but I did. The plan was to gain 10 pounds making me 120 and then cut back some. The problem is the next thing I knew I was 140 pounds. Oops.

For the next few years I yoyoed from 120-140 usually depending on my activity level and whether I had a vehicle. As I got older though I had a car all the time and began driving everywhere. No more walking from place to place it took too long and what was the point.

So after awhile I creeped up to 160. I have no idea how this came about, but low and behold there I was. Since than I have had my darling daughter and actually weighed over 200 pounds during this time. I was lucky enough to lose it all while I was breast-feeding, but then gained back quite a bit of it since.

Of course now my friends and family tell me that this weight gain is just a fact of getting older. You know the story your metabolism slows down, pregnancy changes your body, etc. . .

I kind of feel like everyone has given me a way out of taking responsibility for my weight gain.

So what is my problem? Well I just can't believe it. By what people are telling me my weight gain has nothing to do with the fact that . . .
1. I eat more
2. I eat out way too much
3. I don't get enough exercise.
4. I drive everywhere I go.

I am not sure about other people, but I just feel that if I still did some of the things I did as teenager such as walking more and started eating healthier I could beat my weight problems. So this summer my goal is to be more active and start eating healthier. I also have have some Sensa that I plan to start using and keep debating on weight watchers. Maybe I could do them together.

I would love to hear some ideas from you all. Can you tell me what you do to help stay fit and healthy! I would really appreciate any advice you could give me.

Thanks ahead of time.


Sara Elizabeth said...

I gained a massive amount of weight post high school. I was sadly with a man who never said a word. He never had an issue with my weight, but that only hurt me. Now, I take full responsibility for my body. I just learned that from here on out I HAVE to recognize and change things on my own. I can't wait for someone to point out that my weight is out of control to change it.

It was, oddly enough, the split from said man (we were together 6 years) that motivated me to take care of me again. I am now FINALLY at the size I was in during high school. I was always thick, though. I am going to continue to push myself and see how far I can go.

I am not on a diet, I don't take supplements, and I don't spend my every moment at the gym. I've gone down nearly 3-4 sizes in about 4 months. I simply eat right, eat enough (I used to skip meals a lot), and am active. I spend a lot of time outdoors now, I am no longer a blogger/reviewer (that lead to a very sedentary lifestyle for me), and I workout moderately.

I wish you so much luck with your weight goals. Losing weight is hard, but keeping it off is the real killer. It's SO hard! Ugh.

Babes Mami said...

Thank you for following today, following back.

My household is working on weight loss too. Good luck and I will be here to support you!

♥Yaya's Mommy ♥ said...

Following you back. Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you come back to win some goodies during the week of April 18th

Upstatemamma said...

Oh my goodness!! I know exactly what you mean! I used to walk three miles to and from work everyday and then work 4 - 8 hours on my feet. Now I sit most of the day. Oh sure I am a mom with small kids but still in comparison I sit most of the day. It is my goal to get back to being more active to walking places and being out and about more.

SquirrelQueen said...

Don't listen to those people. More exercise and smarter eating is all you need, the age thing is just an excuse for some people.

Thanks for the follow, following you back. Have a great Easter Weekend.

{:miss v:} said...

I'm in your boat right now. I constantly join WW and give up within a couple weeks. It's so frustrating!

Sorry that I don't have anything useful to add, but I just wanted to let you know that you are not alone!