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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here come the carnivals!

Brea and I went to our first carnival of the year and I just had to share the pictures! She had a blast of course! I can't wait to get her to Disney World I can't imagine how excited she will be!

The twirling cups
It makes me dizzy, but didn't bother her a bit!
Check out her hands she even figured out how to get it to turn!

She rode the croc too
It was a little jerky, but she did just fine!

No pictures to share of the mega slide (I had to go down with her) She made me climb up those stairs 3 times. Keep in mind I am scared of heights and it was really really high up. I thought I was going to have a heart attack every time she stumbled a bit! Guess what! Yeah thats right it scared me, but she did just fine!

Her favorite ride of all had to be the dragon roller coaster! She rode it over and over! I have a couple of pics, but none of just her so I could not post them. I can't believe my 2 year old already likes roller coasters!


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