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Sunday, April 18, 2010

What can I say spoiled is spoiled!

I was talking to my girl over at Luvn Life the other day and Brea's toys and clothes came up. Yes my daughter has more clothes than she can wear and way too many toys! I am trying to get better at buying things. Well I mean not buying them, but sometimes the excitement on her face is just too much.

So yesterday we stopped by a yard sale and what did we see . . . A Barbie Jeep! Well they were asking $150, but it came with an extra battery. We have vacation coming up in a few weeks so I knew I should pass on it, but there was Brea sitting in the jeep thrilled as can be. What was I going to do?

Now where would the barbie jeep be. Yep you guessed it sitting out in my building. Of course today we had it out for play and as you will see Brea absolutely loved it! Interestingly enough she seemed to enjoy putting pretend gas in it more than driving!

So here is Brea and her jeep

Okay now just so I don't feel really guilty I would love to hear some comments about things you bought for your little one even though you shouldn't have!


Christine said...

Oh my gosh! I love her jeep. :)

My daughter is only 6 months, so I haven't really splurged too much just yet. I'm positive I will though! How can we not!!

Pamela Scott said...

such a cute picture...my boys are in there early twenties and boy do I remember doing this all the time for them spending money I really shouldn't have but I don't regret it, now I save up for the things they want (bigger boys bigger toys LOL) but I usually only give them things on holidays and birthdays, I still do stockings and Easter baskets, I think you cant spoil enough...I am waiting on grandkids now I can't even imagine I better have a grandkid fund :-)
I am your newest follower thanks for stopping by my blog today