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Thursday, June 25, 2009

A glimpse into the future. Oh no!

So today after swim lessons Brea and I visited one of my best friends. She has two boys and her niece was there. Brea has a blast when we go over there and today was no different. They were all running around playing.

First Brea comes in the living room eating a Nestle bar saying "Candy" apparently Dennis, Nikki's 4 year old, gave her a whole nestle bar!

Then Dennis comes into the living room and tells me to "come here." When I get up and go in his room Brea and him are laying in the bed watching TV!

Later we are outside and Dennis is driving his little jeep around. Brea runs up to the jeep, Dennis stops and Brea climbs in and off they go. Around the yard of course!

What is going on here! It is almost like Brea has a little boyfriend. I am sure you can imagine the thoughts running through my head. One day all of this is going to happen (well hopefully not the second one!), but definitely the rest and then it won't be as innocent as now.

I just wonder if it will still be Dennis driving the jeep!