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Monday, June 22, 2009

I just hosted a party for a cause!

I received an awesome opportunity to host a "party for a cause" from Johnson and Johnson! Johnson and Johnson sent gift bags for all of my guests with 2 full sized Johnson and Johnson products (24 Hour Moisturizing lotion and body wash or Be Radiant exfoliating body wash and cocoa and shea butter lotion) and 5 sample size Be Radiant cocoa and shea butter lotions to share with friends. Johnson and Johnson also sent name tags, drink tags, thank you tags, ribbons, and even money for supplies to help out with the party.

The purpose of the party was for women to get together and have fun while being introduced to Johnson and Johnson new body care products and raising funds for a local charity! I chose Comfort Care as my charity. Comfort Care is a local organization that provides new and expecting mothers with emotional and material support. Before hosting this party that was all I thought they did, but I learned there is much more to Comfort Care. They also provide support to fathers, counseling and programs for people who have had miscarriages and abortions, and they have a program to encourage abstinence in teens and young adults! Oh don't let me forget that Johnson and Johnson also sent me $100 to donate to Comfort Care!

Saturday 15 of my girlfriends came over! We ate, played games, and talked for 2 hours. Everyone had the opportunity to try Johnson and Johnson body care products and received a gift bag with products inside! We had subs, chips, and fortune cookies from Fancy Fortune cookies (review coming soon!). I gave out prizes with the games.

My friends loved the Johnson and Johnson body care products. They said that the lotion was non-greasy and leaves your skin soft and smooth! My personal favorite is the Be Radiant exfoliating body wash, but I have to say I enjoyed it all!

A representative of Comfort Care was also scheduled to attend, but due to unforeseen circumstances she was unable to make it. I am very excited to say that we raised over $225 for them! We also received 1 outfit, 2 pair of shoes, 2 boxes of baby cereal, 1 jumbo pack of diapers, 1 snack puff, 1 bottle of similac advance formula, 23 jars of baby food, and a large box of Boudreaux's Butt Paste samples!

All in all the party was a great success! Thank you Johnson & Johnson for letting us be a part of this!


Anonymous said...

Mary Ann and I had a wonderful time supporting a great cause. I also love the lotion and wash. I am so glad that I attended this party. Thanks for the invite!

Cascia Talbert said...

That is pretty cool! Johnson & Johnson is a wonderful company.

Jen said...

This sounds like a neat concept! Glad you were able to raise so much for your charity.

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

What a great opportunity! Glad your party was a success.