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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Kelly Clarkson Fat, I don't think so!

You can see the article that brings up this topic at

I don't understand why people would say that Kelly Clarkson is fat. My personal opinion is that she looks healthy. I don't think that people understand the ramifications of making these comments about famous people. Please keep in mind that our children look up to these people.

Our CHILDREN hear these comments on a regular basis. While it is true that obesity is on the rise in our country we need to be careful and teach them to eat healthy so that they will be a HEALTHY weight.

Everyone needs to get over the skinny thing. I personally think that many of the actresses and models look too skinny and these people are usually praised for being that skinny. Just an important reminder that not being too skinny is not healthy either.

I would like to point out an article I just found regarding Eating Disorders

Here are a couple of things that I found. These are quoted from the site.
"Lisa Berzins, PhD, said, "Young girls have indicated in surveys that they are more afraid of becoming fat than they are of cancer, nuclear war, or losing their parents."

"Estimates of the number of women in the United States who have eating disorders range from 7 to 10 million. It is thought that 1 million men also suffer from eating disorders. In the UK, eating disorders are present in at least 1.1 million people."

"40% of Americans have experienced an eating disorder or know someone who has"

Please check out the site to learn more. I hope that one day people will realize that they are trading one problem for another. We need to make companies realize that we want them to quit pointing fingers and start focusing on healthy teachings.


Sara Elizabeth said...

Overall I think people obsess over the wrong things when it comes to weight. I am overweight. Some might call me obese to be ugly. I am healthy as a horse, though. THAT should be what people teach their children. We all come in many different shapes and sizes, but health is all that matters.

As for Kelly, she is lovely. I think she is a great role model. She is natural, at a happy weight, and is who I would want my kids to admire over weight obsessed famous girls.

Anonymous said...

I'm a big beautiful momma and I love food and I'll eat what I want, exercise how and when I want, if people don't like it, God Forbid, don't be my friend! I don't care! So I'm right there with ya sister.

NASCAR Race Mom said...

I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with fat!

Anonymous said...

Amen to your comments...Kelly is the right weight for herself. Who cares what anyone else thinks.. It's her decision!!