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Thursday, June 25, 2009

No Throw Review!

If your toddler is anything like mine than you spend a lot of time picking things up off the floor! Especially the sippy cup. I don't know what it is, but it seems like this is her favorite past-time. I think she just likes to watch me pick it up over and over again.

Wouldn't you love to find a product that prevents the sippy cup (or bottle) from actually hitting the floor? Well, have I got a product for you!

I received a leopard print no-throw to review earlier this week. My first thought when looking at it was "oh no it has velcro." I just knew that Brea would pull the velcro off making the no-throw obsolete. I was thrilled to find out that this was not the case. She pulled at it once or twice, but did not undo it. After that she was more worried about what was in the cup than she was about the velcro piece. After she was finished drinking she just threw the cup down as usual, but this time I didn't have to pick it up. Instead her sippy cup hung from the car-seat until she was ready for more and then she could easily get the cup by pulling on the tether! I think that the best thing was I didn't have to worry about searching the car for the sippy cup when I got home or worse yet forgetting the sippy cup after it had slid under a seat!

The no-throw would be especially helpful for long car rides. I can not tell you how convenient this would have been for our trip to South Carolina. There were quite a few times I had to unbuckle while we were going down the interstate to try and find her sippy in the back seat. I know that this is really unsafe and that I was extremely lucky not to be involved in a car accident during this time. Now thanks to no-throw that is one less risk I will have to take on our next road trip!

The no-throw was also convenient for restaurants. I just tied it to the high-chair and it worked perfectly. I am sure that it will also come in handy at summer events as I can use the no-throw on her stroller. It will probably even save money because I will be a lot less likely to lose it in the crowds.

As you can tell I am definitely pro no-throw. It worked great for me and it is definitely worth trying it out!

Buy it: You can buy directly from their website at no-throw or at most Walgreens location! You can find a complete list of stores at the no-throw site!

I would love to hear how this product would help you and your family out!


Leslie M. said...

I am GOING to be needing the No throw soon!!! I am going to be a first time Gramma in Mid October!!!!
GREAT Review of a Wonderful Product!!

Liz Mays said...

This is a lifesaver and they have cute designs too!

vferrari63 said...

My grandson is constantly wither throwing or putting his cup down in the car and then wanting it two minutes later. This is a wonderful idea!