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Sunday, August 9, 2009

PBS Programing Mega Review!

I love finding educational DVDs for Brea to watch. I figure that if she is going to spend time in front of the television she might as well be learning something! Thanks to PBS programming and Extraordinary Mothers we had the opportunity to review 3 great DVDS!

The first DVD we watched was Dive Olly Dive - Ship Shape Subs! I had never heard of Dive Olly Dive and was very impressed by my first impression. This DVD takes your child on adventures with Olly, Beth, and Skid where they learn valuable lessons such as the importance of listening to others, the value of learning how to do things without today's technology, and not judging things based on the appearance! Dive Olly Dive has fun animated characters that will keep your child interested throughout each adventure!

The other two DVDs were Sid the Science Kid! Sid shares his enthusiasm for finding answers with our children! He shows children how to go about finding the answers to questions by asking others and by encouraging safe and fun experiments. Sid the Science Kid also incorporates fun animations, dancing, and music to hold our little one's attention! Brea enjoys dancing along with the songs on Sid the Science Kid and honestly I kind of enjoy them too! They really make you want to move! We received both "Change Happens" and "The Bug Club." "Change happens" focuses on how and why things change such as why ice melts and more. "The Bug Club" focuses on animals and nature including where they live and why, how they communicate, what leaves are for and more!

PBS has great programming for children and I am so glad to include all of these DVDs to Brea's shelf!