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Monday, August 17, 2009

Shadow Effect DVD Review

As most of you know I am a registered nurse at a children's psychiatric hospital so I love learning about what makes us tick. Shadow Effect is a documentary that focuses on how people subconsciously retain things from the past and how it affects the person we are today. These things maybe innocent comments made by our parents or peers that we have internalized into something more. They may also include traumatic experiences that have happened to us. Shadow Effect states that every person has a "shadow" and that each person's shadow is a result of internalizing their fears.

My opinion of Shadow Effect . . .

I like that Shadow Effect encourages people to look into themselves for answers and that it encourages their to face their insecurities. I know that I have many things from my past that I still need to work through and I plan to look into Shadow Effect more. While I have tried to forgive, I have not forgotten. There are times that those memories still haunt me. I can also say that I try my best to repress them even though I know that I actually need to work them through so that I can completely move on.

I don't like that Shadow Effect says that when judging others it always has to do with repressing our own desires to do the same thing. While I think that this is true on a lot of occasions I do not think that this is a rule. Most people look down on rapists, child molesters, and murders and I do not think that all of these people are repressing these things.

So to end I want to say that I do plan on investing in some of the Shadow Effect products in the future. I really want to work though some things in my life and I hope that this will help me put them to rest.

Buy Shadow Effect or check out more about the program here.


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That sounds pretty interesting!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting read. Thanks for your insightful review!