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Monday, August 10, 2009

Momspit Review!

How often have you been in a situation where you just have to get that smudge off your child's face and you have no water to use so out comes the mom spit? Everyone does it at some point or another. After all it is human nature to keep our children clean. My grandmother told me she had not used her spit on Brea instead she stuck her finger in Brea's mouth then wiped her face! Can you say ewwww without even thinking about it she had just stuck every germ on her finger into poor Brea's mouth!

Thanks to Momspit this is no longer a problem! Momspit is made to use in the same way that you would use your own spit. Just put a little on your finger or apply directly to the area to be cleaned and rub it in. The dirt will be gone! At first I was very skeptical of Momspit, but it worked fantastically. Momspit leaves your child's skin feeling soft. It does not dry out skin and does not contain any alcohol!

Momspit comes in 2oz and 7oz containers! The 2 oz containers are perfect for your pocketbook and is a must have for all parents and caregivers! It is available in unscented, fig & green tea, and lemon & white tea!

Head on over to Amazon to pick up your own MomSpit No-Rinse Cleanser for Hands and Face SpitKit Assorted 1 Fig, 1 Lemon & 1 Unscented (3-2oz)

(I did receive a momspit for review purposes. No other compensation received. This review is based on my opinion of the product reviewed and was in no way influenced by the said company )


vferrari63 said...

I never spit on my hand to clean my kids faces, but my husband did repeatedly. My kids are older now and they tell me how much they hated that!!!! Thank goodness for someone coming up with a product that can replace a moms, or dads, spit.

Xenia said...

I totally said I would never be the mom who wiped my kid's face with spit, but here I am. Your grandmother sticking her finger into Brea's mouth was definitely going a step too far though, eeew! :)