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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Exergen Giveaways all over the web

There are a great deal of Exergen Thermometer giveaways going on around the web! I would really love to have one of these for my daughter. It sounds like a really great product. I will post the Exergen giveaways I find here!

Something Snappy - April 8th @ 8pm
Just a Mom's Take on Things - April 8th@ @ midnight
Momstart - April 9th
A Deuce's World - April 9th @ noon
Chocolate Fingerprints - April 10th @ 11:59pm
Maria's Space - April 10th @ midnight
All Because two people fell in love - April 11th @ midnight
The Angel Forever - April 11th 10:59pm
Our Path to Penny Pinching -April 11th @ 11:59pm
Rave and Review - April 12th @ 11:59pm
Moody Mama Says - April 12th @ midnight CST
Loving Heart Mommy - April 11th @ 10pm
A Daycare Life - April 13th @ noon
Two of a Kind working on a full house - April 13th @ 11:59pm
Mama Sparkles - April 13th @ midnight
Brimful Curiosities - April 13th @ 11:59pm
My Trendy Tykes - April 13th
My Sentiment Exactly - April 13th
Our Seven Qtpies - April 14th
She Scribes - April 15th at 11:59 pm
Sazzy Frazz - April 15th
A busy Mommy Product Review - April 15th
The Soothie Ranch - April 16th @ midnight
Blessings Abound - April 16th @ 11:59pm
Sweet and Sassy Girls - April 17th @ 11:59pm
My Organized Chaos - April 17th
Design Baby - April 18th 10pm
Rockin Mama - April 19th @ 10pm
Nerd Family Things - April 20th
SAHM Reviews - April 21st
Mommy Goggles - April 20th @ midnight
From Melissa's Desk - April 24th @ 10:00pm

This was all I could find tonight. I will update as I find!

Please leave a comment and let me know if this was helpful!


Leanne said...

I hope you win!

The Rave and Review giveaway ends on 4/12 at 11:59pm if you wouldn't mind updating!


Kimberly said...

Thanks for posting the link to the scanner giveaway. I appreciate it a lot.

Kimberly (She Scribes)