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Monday, April 27, 2009

Not Today!

Today was a beautiful day! Brea and I enjoyed playing outside. It is so entertaining to watch her run around the yard. I especially love watching the amazement in her eyes and the ooh sounds at the simplest things that I take for granted on an ordinary day.

For example when the wind blew out of nowhere Brea stopped what she was doing and looked up with complete and utter awe. How many times in my life has this happened and I have just completely overlooked it? Not today thanks to my wonderful daughter today I also noticed how magical it was for the breeze to come out of nowhere and then just as quickly disappear. For the wind to pick up my hair for just a second to cool me off. For the leaves on the trees to rustle as they brushed each other for just that second.

She also awed over a bird that flew across the sky. This I know I overlook on a regular basis, but not today. Today I was reminded of the wonderful things God has provided us. How each creature on earth is so different and unique. How just taking a moment to really look at the things around you can make you feel so much better.

Thank you Brea. Thank you for showing me the beauty surrounding us. I cherish everyday we spend together!


Erin @ Closing Time said...

I love watching my little ones as they are amazed by the things I take for granted. Beautiful post!

Cascia Talbert said...

That is beautiful. Our children really do open our eyes to things that we otherwise would not notice. They are God's little angels.

Unknown said...

That's great you had such a good time together. Cherish those younger years, they fly by before you know it!

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