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Monday, April 20, 2009

"Here We Go" CD review

I was lucky enough to review the "Here We Go" CD thanks to Erin over at Here We Go Productions!

I loved the "Here We Go" CD it made me want to get up and dance! Actually that is just what I did. I danced around the living room with Brea on my hip and then Brea and I both danced around the living room. I am hoping this will be a great way to get my workout in daily. Dancing with Brea sounds more like fun, but who says a workout can't be fun. I also think that this will be great to listen to while I clean the house and possibly keep Brea occupied for a bit. Who could ask for more!

The lyrics are kid appropriate while the music is geared towards both children and adults. This is not one of those CDs we want to throw out the window after it plays for the third time! I am actually considering taking this with us on vacation this summer and even if I have to listen to it the entire time, I think I will be able to handle it!

I hope that you will take the time to visit Here We Go Productions! They have their lyrics posted and song clips for you to listen to so you can see if this CD is right for you! If it is you can also buy a copy of their CD for $12 or you can buy the songs at Itunes.

Thanks for checking out this awesome new company. I hope you like what you see!


Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I just got that CD in the mail today!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like a great CD! Thanks for sharing :)

Cascia Talbert said...

That does sound like a great CD. My kids love to listen to music. I agree with you, it is so much fun dancing with your kids. I dance with my little ones all the time, although now that I am nearly 6 mos pregnant it is getting a little harder. Thank you for sharing this review!

Jerri at Simply Sweet Home said...

Hello. I have an award for you over at my site.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

How fun! My kids are older and not "into" dancing around, but I wonder if they would mind if I did? The way you describe it totally makes me want to listen.