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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Monday Lane Memories

Welcome to another addition of Memory Lane Mondays. Hope you are ready for some wonderful memories of the past. Last week we talked about first jobs and I did not get much of a response. Hopefully this week will be better! Regardless I still get to take a few minutes out of the week and remember.

What are we remembering this week?

How about best friends from high school! We all had our little crew in school and the couple of girls who knew everything about us. So I would love to hear a little about those girls or guys from your life.

I was fortunate I had 3 great friends in high school and would like to highlight each of them here this week!

Shantai - Shantai moved here from New Jersey in 9th or 10th grade. I was one of the first people she met. We had a lot of fun together I can remember getting ready to go out at her house talking about boys, doing our hair and makeup. We definitely were not little angels and got in our fair share of trouble, but she was a good friend. Sadly she passed away a few years ago. I will always remember her and the good in her heart! Love you Shantai RIP

Nikki - I worked with Nikki at Hardee's and we hung out a lot in between work and school. I can remember crashing at her apartment on many nights. She was the first one of us to get her own place, which of course was very cool. I can not tell you how many times she saved my butt. She was and is a great friend that I will always cherish. Although now we get together and let the kids play or meet up for a round of tupperware bingo!

Angie - I have known Angie since I was 12 years old. We were always out getting into things we shouldn't have. I remember when she dyed her hair and it turned out completely wrong. I think it was orange, but maybe green. Then there were the times we tried dying our hair with kool-aid. That is until she had her first daughter. Then she grew up real fast, but I was still an irresponsible teenager. We didn't talk very much for awhile, but in the end our friendship survived. We still talk on the phone quite a bit, but she lives out of state now. If we are lucky we get together about once a year. Miss you girl! Hope to see you soon.

Thanks for reading and I hope you join in the fun! If not take a minute and think of all those wonderful people from the past!


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another fabulous bloggy idea! Good for you...you are a connecter of people, love that!

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