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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Potty Time Tuesday

Healthy Moms hosts a weekly Potty Time Tuesday get together. This is a time to share stories and tips of your potty training adventure. If you are potty training now or want to leaves some stories or tips from past experiences go on over and link up. I could use any advice you have!

I started working with Brea on potty training about two weeks ago. To be honest I haven't been very consistent, but she does appear to be showing some interest. In the last two weeks she has begun trying to put her own pants on and of course takes them off consistently! I have noticed that the last couple of days when she takes her pants (and diaper) off that she goes and sits on the potty for a bit. The only problem is that she waits until she gets up to pee! I have been scrubbing the carpet a lot!

This week my goal is to read her a book whenever she sits on the potty. Hopefully by doing this I will keep her on the potty long enough so that she pees there instead of my floor!

If you have any other suggestions please comment!


Anonymous said...

aww your daughter is so cute! Good luck on potty training it can be a trying time. My first two were easy but not this last one lol. Take care!!! Oh and I think reading her a book is a really great idea!

Felicia said...

No suggestions.. i'm dealing with the same stuff! LOL!

Cascia Talbert said...

It sounds like you have a great start with her. Reading a book while she is on the potty is an excellent idea. You should look into getting a potty book for her. That helped me when I was training my middle child. I'm having a hard time getting Conan to sit on the potty for an extended period of time too. I might try reading to him as well.