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Thursday, March 12, 2009

All about Brea

Lately Brea has seemed completely fascinated by certain things.

1. Cell Phones: She is absolutely fascinated with cell phones, but will not actually talk to anyone on it. The last few days she has accidently called quite a few of my friends. I actually left a message on one girl's phone because I didn't want her to think I prank called her. I just hope she doesn't accidentally call 911!

2. Steps: She loves climbing up and down the steps. Thank goodness we only have steps on the porch otherwise I think I would live in fear 24/7. Today she did make it up the porch all by herself!

3. Climbing: She keeps climbing on my tables every time I turn around she is getting up on the kitchen table. Any ideas how to break that one?

4. Electronics: My camera and my laptop are another one. Anytime I turn by back she is grabbing one or the other.

5. Singing: Yeah we got one safe one. She loves singing. Do you remember the "Barney song" "I love you . . . " Well our song is like that except it is I love Brea. Brea loves me. We're a happy family. It is so cute to hear her sing along with me.

She is growing up so fast. I will cherish these memories for the rest of my life. Thanks for reading.


Ritch in Love said...

Kids and electronics...they just can't help themselves can they? She is darling~
Dropping by from SITS, wanted to say Welcome! You're gonna love it here!

Tamara Dawn said...

My 14mo son loves all those things too! He is into everything it is hard to keep up! I popped over from SITS to say Welcome!!

Carebear said...

She is such a cutie! Our little man is 2 and a half and still hasn't outgrown his love of climbing or fascination with phones! I actually just came by to tell you that the randomly-selected winner of the Cheesecake Factory gift certificate is Joy from Joy to the Blog. Thanks so much for entering my giveaway, and for becoming a follower! I hope you enjoy my blog! I try to visit at least 2 of my followers daily to spread comment love so I’ll be seeing you soon!

P.S. Come visit for my best giveaway ever from March 23rd-26th!

Ann said...

Abby is 20 months and she's climbing on the dining room table, no idea how to change it. I just take her off and tell her no, but she thinks it's so much fun!
Brea is such a cutie!
Thanks for reading my blog, keep checking back, there's going to be more giveaways coming soon.

Sara Elizabeth said...

Sweet post. I haven't thought about that Barney song in years and years. When my 20 year old niece was little Barney was huge. Since then, though, kids have gone onto Blues Clues, Tella Tubbies, Big Comfy Couch, and now Dora The Explorer.

As for the electronics, she is getting an early start. She'll be cell phone and net savvy before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have to love what those little ones can get into. I adore the song you made up, that's perfect.