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Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am so jealous!

Tonight Brea's dad came up to the house with his niece to visit. While he was here I was able to cook dinner and take a nice hot relaxing bath! Brea was occupied the whole time and never even missed me!

Usually I take a quick shower in the morning before she wakes up or during her nap time. The only time I get one of those relaxing baths is when she stays at grandma's, which isn't very often. As for dinner Brea is always underfoot while I am trying to cook. For awhile we lived off of convenience food just because it was easier. Now I am trying to stay away from that. I want to feed my daughter healthy foods! So in the evening I just juggle watching Brea and making dinner. While it usually turns out good it takes a lot longer then it should.

So back to why I am jealous. . . this was the first time I had any insight into two parent homes. Wow what a great help having someone to help while you do your cooking and cleaning. Maybe one day I will have this luxury, but for now Brea and I will continue to do it our way and make the best of it!

Please don't take this as complaining. I love my life with my daughter. Being a single mom is hard work, but also very rewarding. I just never realized how much difference a second person could make!


Hccm said...

Happy that you could have a moment to just relax and do things at a easier pace! Even if it was just for a moment.

Hugs and Mocha,