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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What about the children?

I agree with the many posts out there regarding the outrage that Nadya Suleman was allowed to continue receiving IVF treatments after having 6 children and being unable to financially provide for them. This is a woman who was still living with her mother, currently on food stamps, and she was unemployed and she already had 6 children!

Personally I think that people are focusing on the woman far too much when we really need to focus on these 14 children. Sadly these children are going to be the ones who suffer. What can we do to make the childrens lives better? One of the first things I would like to see happen is a psychiatric evaluation for mom. Is mom truly up for the job? If not (which I'm sure is the case) what happens to the children? Can the government find homes for these children where they can receive the love and support that all children deserve? I hope so.

I hope that people remember that their is much more to raising a child then providing shelter, clothing, and other material neccessities. Children need love and attention! How can a single mother of 14 children possibly provide all of this to each child!