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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No she didn't!

Okay so I am sitting on the couch reading a couple blogs while Brea is watching "Word World," the next thing I know she has pulled her diaper off and climbed on the couch. I figure I can finish reading the post I was in the middle of then get another diaper on her.

Yeah I thought I had plenty of time! Boy was I wrong. The next thing I knew there was something warm flowing across my foot. Sadly it took me a second to realize it was pee. Yep she just peed all over me and the couch! Next time I will definitely put the diaper on before finishing the post!

So this brings up another dilemma I plan to start potty training in the next couple of weeks. Most people have suggested that the best way is to let her run around the house without a diaper and when she starts to pee put her on the potty. Well this sounded simple enough that is until tonight! How in the world am I going to keep her from peeing on my furniture. Even if I could keep her off of the furniture my floors are carpeted. I'm pretty sure this could be a big problem.

Please Help: Leave a comment telling me how you potty trained your children. Any and all tips and tricks would be much appreciated. Thanks!


A Psych Mommy said...

Well, my son is still to young for potty training, but in my work as a consultant, I have helped some parents with potty training. We always had a "potty party"--we chose a day where we basically hyped it up with the child--on the day of the potty party, she got to eat lots of salty snacks (to make her thirsty) and drink lots of juice. Then we basically hung out in the bathroom. We even brought a tv to play videos. That way, as soon as the child was about to go (or we thought about to go, we were right there). We also bought new toys/checked out books from the library--basically to make hanging out in the bathroom more fun. With every success--we did a little celebration.

Good luck! I'm curious to read what other moms have done since I haven't actually done it with my own yet!

my2boyz said...

We put the potty seat in the living room...some say sick but it worked for both of my boys! Buy the traing underpants that have extra padding does not stop the leaks but makes them less messy! Good luck! Oh and they got an M&M if they went 1 for pee and 2 for poo!