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Friday, February 20, 2009

Join the WAT-AAH Challenge

Do your children always want soda or juice?
Always something with lots of sugar or the dreaded caffeine?
Would you like your children to drink more water?

If you answered yes to these questions then please consider taking the WAT-AAH challenge. What is WAT-AAH? You say. WAT-AAH is purified water with young children in mind. WAT-AAH is not flavored, but has electrolytes needed for adequate hydration.
You can find more information at www.drinkwataah.com and http://www.wat-aah.blogspot.com/.

Christine is looking for honest feedback on WAT-AAH. All she asks is that you set WAT-AAH in the fridge beside the regular soda or juice and see what your child chooses. Then post pictures or video showing your childs reaction!

If you are interested feel free to get in touch with Christine through the WAT-AAH blog or just send me your information and I will gladly forward it!

Stay tuned for Brea's reaction! Will it be juice or WAT-AAH?

Your turn: What do your children drink?


A Gilmore Girls Fan said...

This is so interesting. You should get ahold of one of the gals from http://www.extraordinarymothers.com/

They might love to be a part of this challange. Maybe.