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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I so cheated! And it was so good!

Okay! Okay! I took Brea to Outback and it was delicious!

As you can see Brea loved the food especially the bread. Although to be honest she appeared to enjoy the butter more than the bread! She licked the butter off the bread first. It doesn't sound very appetizing to me, but to each their own.

I on the other hand I had a sirloin with french fries and mashed potatoes. I know two potatoes, but I was sharing with Brea! The food was great and so was the service. For dessert Brea and I shared the peanut butter pie! It was the best I have ever had.

I fell off the menu plan wagon today. Tomorrow is a new day and we will start again. I do have to admit that it was truly worth it! Once in awhile you just have enjoy life and be spontaneous!

Your turn:  Where do you like to eat out and what is your favorite entree?