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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

So sad, but so beautiful!

This headline just caught my eye and I wanted to post it for others to read "9-year-old bride walks down aisle in Texas" on CNN. This is a beautiful story of parents making their dying daughter's dream come true.

Every little girl dreams of her wedding! Sadly some times tragedy hits and there does not seem to be enough time for dreams to come true. This is an instance where 2 parents have made it possible for their little girl to have the wedding of a lifetime at 9 years old! She has been diagnosed with terminal leukemia and only has a few weeks to live. I can not imagine what her parents are going through during this tragic time and hope that I will never be able to.

Please keep this family in your prayers, I am sure they will need all the support they can get in the up coming weeks.


Hccm said...

I can only imagine what this family is going through. Today I saw the video, and it just made me so sad.

Hugs and Mocha,