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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to TC and Company!

I was so pleased to get the opportunity to review TC and Company's bath and body products. I happily received samples of shea butter lotion, shea body butter, and hand and body lotion to try out. They were great!

A little about my experience:

I am a registered nurse, which of course means frequent hand washing. In the winter my hands always get dry and chapped. Most lotions cause my hands to burn and tingle making moisturizing very uncomfortable. I was pleasantly surprised by these products as they made my hands feel soft and smooth without the painful burning! This is an extremely rare find in my experience so this alone won me over.

Now a little about the products:

Pineapple Cake shea butter lotion had a long lasting scent that seemed to ge better with time. I could still smell it on my hands 6 hours later. The amazing part of this is that it was not overly strong at the time of application. The fragrance was somewhat sweet(it actually kind of made me hungry).

Sweet Essence shea body butter was a thicker consistency and would be great for those extra dry spots. While this scent did not last as long as the shea butter lotion it still had a wonderful smell during application.

Black Vanilla Orchid hand and body lotion had a wonderful scent it was actually my favorite. I used this lotion right before bed so I am unable to say how long the scent remained. I can say that the scent was very relaxing and I actually fell asleep much quicker than I usually do. This lotion also did wonders for my skin, making my hands soft and silky.

They also offer other products such as sugar scrubs, balms, natural soaps, baby products and more!

A little about TC and Company

TC and Company is a family run business right here in the USA (middle Tennessee to be exact). The products are made by Thad and Cassandra Stanley and their three children. They made their first products when they were unable to find commercial products that did not cause skin irritation. Cassandra Stanley decided to take matters into her own hands and began to look up ways to make her own soaps. Eventually they began making more and more products, forming the product line for TC and Company!

Their products are "Cruelty free," "soothing and natural," and "non toxic," which are all awesome attributes. The company also states that all products have been tried and tested by their family with satisfaction. Since Cassandra and her children suffered from skin irritation using commercial products this says a lot to me about their products.

Please take the time to visit TC and Company to check out their great products!


Julie Donahue said...

Great review! I like how you tied your personal experience (why you need something good for your hands).

Kristin said...

fab review! Look like a product that I would buy!

A Psych Mommy said...

I hear ya on the frequent hand washing! I work in the schools, so I'm always on the lookout for some good lotions.

Teresa said...

I live in East Tenn and my son is in Nashville. I'll be glad to check out this great family business.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

These sound like the smell yummy! It's nice to find products that not only help dry skin, but smell nice too!

Thanks for the great info!

Ms. Latina said...

WOW that endorsement makes me want to buy the product! Thanks will click on their site for more info