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Friday, July 3, 2009

Bicycle Memories

Okay I am not sure if you have heard yet, but 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away two Strider Running Bikes. In order to enter you have to post on a childhood memory of learning to ride a bike.

I thought this was going to be hard for me, but it is slowly coming back. I remember having a little blue bike with a banana seat (yea you remembeer those don't you!) My seat had a rainbow on it and the handle bars had the streamers hanging down. My great grandparents had bought me one of those little horns that made the funny noises. I can remember riding down the sidewalk in the neighborhood with the training wheels on and then one day the training wheels came off. My Papa Glenn Edward held onto my seat so that I would not fall until I learned how to balance my bicycle. There were quite a few falls and bumps and bruises, but eventually I mastered that bicycle. Thank you Papa Glenn Edward!

Thank you 5 Minutes for Mom. I have not thought about these special moments with my great grandparents in a very long time. Thanks for pulling these memories up!