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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Wupzey Coverall Review!

My daughter is the messiest eater that ever was! At least it seems that way. I have tried bibs in the past, but now that she is getting bigger they just do not cover enough. Well that is until I came across Wupzey Coverall bibs. These are fabulous for keeping clothes nice, neat, and most importantly stain free!

Wupzey Coverall cover a short sleeved shirt completely and also cover your toddlers legs to about the knees! Wupzey Coveralls are "Made of 100% Rip stop nlyon, they dry quickly and wipe clean." Wupzey also suggests using their coveralls to keep your toddler clean during art projects. We all know how messy those can be!

My opinion of Wupzey Coveralls . . .

We love the Wupzey Coveralls! Brea's clothes stayed nice and clean during mealtimes. I think my favorite thing is that I am able to wipe it clean making it easy to leave in the car so that it is always available when we are out on the town! Now I just need to buy an extra one so I can have one for home and one for on-the-go.

For optimal coverage when eating out be sure that the Wupzey coverall does not go under the highchair strap.

I have not yet tried it during art projects, but we have a finger paint project I have been meaning to do and I am sure that Wupzey is going to save us!

So head on over to Wupzey now and check out all their great mealtime products that will help you prevent that mess!

Oh and if you are interested in what Brea's clothes look like without the Wupzey Coverall just check out my post for the day!


Unknown said...

Thank you for this review. I recently started solid foods with my 6 month old (mistakenly started with Sweet Potatoes) and she is a disaster after every meal. I will definitely look into the Wupzey Coverall!

Nancy said...

This sound like the perfect cover- up for a toddler!

allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

cherdon said...

After reading your very informative review on Wupzey Coveralls, I would definantly purchase them for my 14 month old granddaughter. OMG what a mess she makes at mealtimes because she's at the stage now where she wants to feed herself totally. Food gets wedged alongside her legs in highchair, down her bib because it never seems to cover her completely and of course on the floor and tray. Having the Wupzey would save so much time, energy and stained clothes. Thank you.