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Monday, July 20, 2009

Slangman's World Review! A fun way for children to learn languages!

Slangman's World is a great new television show that helps teach children new languages through music, animation and repetition. Slangman's World uses vibrant colors and fun characters to capture the attention of children ages 2 through 11.

Some interesting facts about Slangman's World . . .

-David Burke who is the star of Slangman's World also composes all of the songs and is the voice for all 14 animated characters in the show. (Now thats talented!)

-"Slangman's World has been airing on American Forces Network in 175 countries since January 5, 2009"

-Each episode only lasts for 5 minutes making it great for small children with small attention spans

-Starting in September "PBS Atlanta will begin running 90-second mini episodes"

If you are like me and do not have access to either of these networks you can also enjoy Slangman's World. Just Slangman's World and purchase a DVD it includes 10 five minute episodes!

Our opinion of Slangman's World . . .

I think Slangman's World will be a beneficial tool in teaching Brea new languages. In today's world knowing other languages definitely gives you an advantage. At the same time learning new languages can be difficult for children so finding new and interesting ways to teach them is essential. Slangman's World will definitely be included in teaching Brea languages.

Brea is 22 months old and the 5 minute episodes are perfect for her. She is a very active child and does not sit still for long. Very few shows hold her attention for longer than 5 minutes. Brea enjoys dancing to the music in Slangman's World and jumps around the living room while "Pronto" is playing.

I would like to state that I think this will be more useful for Brea in a few months. I definitely plan on keeping it around because I think it will only grow in educational value as she gets older!

(I did receive a promotional copy of Slangman's World for review purposes. I did not recieve any other compensation for the review. In no way did the company influence my opinion of Slangman's World.)


Bunny said...

This sounds like a great program! Many people would like their children to have the advantage of knowing multiple languages, but unless you're immersed in a multi-lingual environment, it can be boring and frustrating for a kid! It's great that there's a fun alternative out there!

Tania said...

I always love to hear about moms encouraging their little ones to be surrounded by learning of languages. I think quite often the children won't even realize how invaluable the interaction is until they are much older, but nonetheless, languages are a brilliant thing to expose little ones to!

Anonymous said...

I found some Slangman songs on you tube and now my daughter wants to watch it every day, over and over again. Lots of fun, very catchy. Hope it comes to tv soon.