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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Giveaways Ending Soon! Don't miss out enter now!

Toilet Buddies (5 Winners!) - Ending TONIGHT - Great product to get little ones interested in using the big potty! Would make a fabulous gift or just keep it for your little one.

Your Choice of Any Personalized Book - Ends July 20th - Lots of books available. Would make a great gift for that special child in your life!

Toilet Time Targets (5 Winners) - Ends July 21st - Great for getting boys to pee in the potty. Just give them something to aim at!

Baby Signs Potty Training Kit - Ends July 22nd - Lots of useful tools for potty training (DVD, book, stickers, and wooden all aboard whistle). The DVD also teaches baby sign related to potty training. Another fabulous gift for that someone special who is or will soon be potty training!

Safety Tats (3 Winners)- Ends July 22nd - Use to place your cell phone number on your child at large crowded places or even at the park. If they run off and escape people will see your phone number and be able to call you! No children of your own these would still be a great gift for mom and dad of that special child in your life!