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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gumpylump Review-Lots of Great and Educational Toys!

Thanks to Gumpylump and Extraordinary Mothers I had a wonderful opportunity to review the Chocolate Party Cake Play Food Set by Voila. This cake was so much more than what I expected!

The Chocolate Party Cake was a beautiful piece of wooden artwork that also happens to be a toy. It looks like it will hold up well with toddler play, which we all know can be quite destructive! It came with 8 candles which have a felt top designed to look like a flame. Brea has actually looked at the pretend candles and said "hot." The candles and the candle slots are both color coated making it easy to incorporate color teaching in playtime. It also came with a doily that displays fractions and a wooden knife and cake server.

I think that Brea's favorite feature of The Chocolate Party Cake was the Velcro sides that allowed her to "cut" the cake. I can not tell you how many times I have put the cake together since we have received it! She loves it and I love that it is one of her few quiet toys!

The Chocolate Party Cake has also allowed Brea and I to work on blowing out the candles. Brea now knows exactly what to do when I tell her to blow out her candles so I am hoping she will be ready at her birthday party in September!

You can find your own Chocolate Party Cake Play Food Set by Voila at Gumpylump along with lots of other great toys! Gumpylump has their toys categorized by age, toy type, and brand for easy searches.

Go ahead and check Gumpylump out I know they have something great for your toddler too!


Xenia said...

That's a really cute cake... I'm sure all the time spent practicing blowing out candles will pay off and Brea will do great at her birthday party!