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Friday, July 31, 2009

Lavender Lab from Cloud B Review!

While visiting Cloud B, I came across the Lavender Lab. Lavender is naturally calming and the scent is often used as a sleep aid. Before having Brea I used to spray my pillow with lavender spray to help me sleep. As most of you know I co-sleep so lavender spray is not really an option at the moment. I think it may be a little strong for Brea. So when I saw the Lavender Lab I knew that this could be truly beneficial and when I came across the opportunity to do a review for Brea's Mommy I jumped on it!

The Lavender Lab has packets of Lavender and other aromatherapy products inside. To release the scents all you need to do is squeeze the Lavender Lab's head and back. After releasing the scents just lay the Lavender Lab on your child's pillow until it is time for sleep. Then remove the Lavender Lab when your child is ready to sleep.

The calming effects of the aromatherapy packets will help your child fall asleep and sleep throughout the night. The scent lasts up to 5 years!

Our opinion of the Lavender Lab . . .

Brea loves dogs so every night when she sees the Lavender Lab on her pillow she says "doggy." I usually let her pet the "doggy" before we remove him off of the bed. Surprisingly she does not seem to get upset when I remove the dog from the bed. I actually thought this maybe an issue.

I think the Lavender Lab is great. I have noticed that Brea does appear to sleep better on nights that the Lavender Lab had been on her pillow. Brea has always been a very restless sleeper and she flops all over the bed during the night. Since using the Lavender Lab I have also noticed a decrease in her flopping, which also means I sleep better!

I think the only thing left is buying a Lavender Lab for my pillow. I think I am getting a little jealous.

Do you want your own Lavender Lab to help your sleeping angel? If so head on over to Cloud B and while you are there check out all of the other great sleep related products for kids!


Kristy said...

Oh, my daughter loves dogs. I wonder if it really works!