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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Even Bloggers Make Mistakes!

Okay I had my first blogging oopsy when reviewing the Isabelt. Elaine had emailed me instructions and when I was going over them I completely missed the part about hooking the Isabelt below the button on your jeans. Because this is an important instruction it did mess my review up. Today Elaine suggested that I give the Isabelt another shot using it this way.

Result :
Hooking the Isabelt under my button did prevent the slipping that I had noticed in my first review. Now I have to say that the Isabelt is great! No bulk, no slipping, and I no longer need to pull my pants up repeatedly during the day!

To Elaine I would like to send a huge apology for missing the complete instructions. I hope that this and the update on the main post will make up for my error.

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