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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Primo Folding Potty Review for the Potty Time Party!

Primo's Folding Potty Seat with handles is great for those times when you don't want to carry anything but a diaper bag. Primo's Folding Potty Seat is small enough to place in a large zip lock bag and right into the diaper bag or even your purse!

Primo's Folding Potty Seat was designed to use on-the-go! You can use it on any toilet seat. The handles are intended to keep your child's hands off of the toilet and on the clean potty seat! The potty seat can even be applied without the adult ever needing to put their hands on the potty seat either!

A couple of imporant comments from the Primo website . . .
"strong enough to support a child up to 40 pounds on a round or elongated toilet"
"BPA Free, Phthalate Free, Lead Free"
"Made in USA"

Our thoughts on Primo Folding Potty Seat . . .

The first time I tried to use the Primo Folding Potty Seat I kept putting it on wrong. I was really worried because it kept bending under Brea's weight and I thought there is no way this will hold a 40 pound child. REMEMBER I was putting it on WRONG!

If you place the Primo Folding Potty Seat at the front of the toilet (there will be lip that comes over the front of the toilet just a bit) it works great! The Primo Folding Potty Seat held Brea with no problem and there was virtually no give or bending. I love that it folds up and is small enough to place in a zip-lock bag and then into my pocketbook! This will definitely be taking a few trips with us this summer. I think it would be great to use at friend's houses, amusement parks, and other public places where all you want to carry is your purse or diaper bag! Now I just have to buy a small bottle of Lysol to take along too!

Brea did fine with the Primo Folding Potty Seat once I figured out the proper placement! She did not appear uncomfortable at all sitting on it. She did use the handles to steady herself and so far has not felt the need to touch the toilet.

You can buy your own Primo Folding Potty Seat at Amazon