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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Potty Breakthrough!

Since we are celebrating our Potty Time Party I thought I would like to share Brea's two successes this week! On two occasions Brea pee pee'd in the potty. I made a big deal out of it both times of course. You should have seen me dancing around the bathroom singing Brea pee pee'd in the potty over and over. Brea got a kick out of it though.

Brea is now asking to go to the potty on a regular basis sometimes she doesn't ask until she has already gone. We are working on that now, but I think for the most part she is doing pretty well.

Almost everything that we have been doing the last couple of weeks has been potty related. From the movies we watch to the books we read. I hope that it is starting to pay off.

So if you or someone you know are beginning to start the potty adventure be sure to check out my potty time party posts. I have some great giveaways going on and more to come.

Due to it being the Fourth of July my scheduled review/giveaway post may be delayed until tomorrow. If so there will be two posted tomorrow so stop on by and check them out!


Erin @ Closing Time said...

Yea Brea!!! Sounds like she is doing great!! :)

Anonymous said...

Woot Woot! She will be diaper free in no time!