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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Seventh Generation review for the Potty Time Party!

Now we know that along with potty training we know there are lots of accidents. So I was also looking for eco-friendly products to assist with this part of potty training. When I came across Seventh Generation I just had to try it! They have everything you need for potty training from disposable training pants to all purpose cleaner.

Seventh Generation is a company that provides safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly household cleaners, baby care items, paper supplies (toilet paper, papertowels), and even feminine care items! As mom to a toddler I realize that I need to start thinking more about the products I use and the effect they have on the environment. While these effects may not take place during my time on Earth they very well may effect my child's future. ( Denial is so much easier before children since of course they may very well take place during my lifetime!)

They offer. . .
Chlorine free baby products
Plant and vegetable based laundry detergents
Chlorine free bleach
Non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic household cleaners
Recycled paper products
Recycled trash bag
Chlorine free feminine wipes
Non-toxic dishwashing products

My opinion of Seventh Generation . . .

I was lucky enough to receive Seventh Generation chlorine free training pants, chlorine free wipes, baby laundry liquid detergent, and the natural all purpose cleaner for review purposes!

The Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Training Pants were 3T-4T so I am unable to provide an accurate review of these at this time.

The Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Wipes were wonderful. They were soft and gentle on Brea's bottom and appeared to cause less distress when Brea had a diaper rash than other wipes that I have used in the past.

The Seventh Generation Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent greatly exceeded my expectations. I have been swimming with Brea on a daily basis due to swim classes and I had bathing suits and towels still in the tote bag from a couple of days ago. I know that is not a good thing! They had started to get that mildew, musty smell. Usually I would have washed them twice before drying to make sure that the smell was gone, but I figured this was a perfect way to test the Baby Laundry Liquid Detergent. So they went through the washer once and then straight to the dryer. I did not have high hopes for this one as nothing has taken that smell out with just one wash. I am happy to report that it worked and when I removed my swimsuits and towels from the dryer they smelled nice and fresh!

The Seventh Generation Natural All Purpose Cleaner was another product that I originally had my doubts about. After all how well can something that is safe for our environment and Non-toxic actually clean. I tested this out on Brea's High Chair first and it removed all the yucky food with just a wipe. Now when I go to grab a cleaner to wipe down the counters or tables the Natural All Purpose Cleaner is my first pick! The fact that it isn't poisonous and helps save our environment makes it all the more better!

All in all, Seventh Generation is a product I can feel good about using. I would definitely recommend this to other people who are interested in helping save our environment and preserving the Earth for our children and theirs!


vferrari63 said...

My daughter bought me products from seventh generation before and I like the fact that they're not harsh chemicals. I clean houses for a living so I worry about inhaling so many chemicals.