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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Sudden Realization . . .

Last weekend I met Grandma and Brea at a friend's son's birthday party. All of the kids there were older than Brea, but she was hanging in with the best of them. Brea and Hailey were riding around in the little Barbie jeep. Brea was having a blast.

I had the opportunity to interact with other adults and enjoy some great conversation! While I was standing on the porch looking down at all of the children playing I had a sudden realization. . . My Baby is Not Going to Be a Baby Forever!

Of course this is something that I have always known. In fact it is something that I pray for. Like every mother I hope and pray that my daughter will lead a full and healthy life. That still does not change the feeling, in that moment. In that moment looking down at all the older children made me realize that one day Brea will not be small enough to toss in the air. She will not be full of excitement just because mommy walked in the door. She will want her privacy and be embarrassed because mommy tried to give her a kiss. Oh and lets not forget their will be one day that mommy will suddenly turn into hey mom!

Isn't it amazing how something so normal can cause such a mixture of emotions. Of course I also look forward to being a part of Brea's life and seeing the person that she becomes. I look forward to guiding her and helping and encouraging her to make the right decisions. I look forward to meeting her children (of course that should be a LONG, LONG time from now!)

With all of that said . . . I WILL STILL MISS MY BABY!

Have you ever had that sudden realization?


anglia said...

I know what you mean! My son turns 12 in a few days and he still loves his hugs and lays his head on my lap but I fear this year will bring on a big change. Now my girls are still tiny but my four year old has already started calling me mom instead of mommy so I'm afraid as to what she may call me in a few years!

Erin @ Closing Time said...

Yes! I have those flashes periodically. Both of my girls will say something or do something, and all of a sudden I see them growing up! It is so bittersweet!! :)

Mom Union said...

I'm so there. I suppose I realized it when my daughter entered middle school. When she entered kindergarten, I was unfazed, lots of years to go. Middle school was different. Not sure why that was a Mom Moment, but it was. She gave me the quickest kiss on the cheek she's ever given, then burst out the car door to catch up with her friends. I was not sad because of the quick kiss, but rather because I knew she was running toward her imminent future. I cried all the way home.

Leslie M. said...

YES! Yesterday.. when MY BABY was Born! And funny Yesterday became 23 years and MY Baby is having her first BABY and I am becoming a first time GRAMMA!!! The years went soooo FAST and I just HAD my BABY yesterday. or was it 23 years ago... hahaha!

The years went tooo fast.. and the emotions YOU described are called MOMMYHOOD... I described them to my hubby 23 years ago, and he looked at me like I was a NUT! I knew I wasn't!